Dr Kumari

Is Stress affecting your Life?

Retraining your mind and body to get out of the stressed-upset state into rest-digest does not have to take a lot of time or be complicated.

I'm a clinical psychologist and have spent almost two decades working with clients. I've had to focus on very short (often one minute) strategies that can be used to effectively get out of overwhelm and into calm.

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A lot of science, a little magic ;)

Stress indicates that demands on you exceed your coping

Living with stress and overwhelm is exhausting. It's like running a marathon. You are not able to function at your best and you may be easily irritated. You may find it hard to wind down and relax.

I've made you a special training of five of my favourite strategies that I routinely teach all my clients in my sought after private practice. The strategies come from approaches including energy psychology and mindfulness. You'll receive a booklet with links to audio files and a 8 minute video outline.

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